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How to travel safely during the coronavirus crisis

  • March 17, 2020

The world has been shaken by the development of the coronavirus crisis. Governments around the world are instructing their citizens to stay home, until the world has a better grasp on the virus. However, not everyone is at home; for some, traveling is essential. This will be the case if you've been on a vacation or you’ve been travelling for work. In that case, you may be anxious about how you can stay physically and mentally well when you’re far from home. We take a look at three tips below.

washing hands
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Good hygiene

By far the best way to prevent the spread of the virus is to maintain good hygiene practices. If you are regularly washing your hands and carrying a hand sanitizer with you, then you’ll be on the right track towards avoiding catching the virus yourself. As a general rule, you should avoid touching your face, especially when you’re out in public -- that is how the virus will enter your body. This measure isn’t just for your benefit, but for everyone else’s too.

Avoid the crowds

People are rightly worried about the coronavirus, but it’s important to remember that the current measures are in place as a way to contain the virus. It’s a precautionary step. You can further protect yourself by staying away from places that have crowds of people, ideally keeping at least one metre away.

Have fun in the hotel 

Finally, during these are stressful times, it’s important to stay mentally well. You can have a fun and relaxing time in your hotel room by playing games, watching television, and calling loved ones.

At the Days Inn Red Deer, you’ll have a range of amenities to help you during the coronavirus crisis. All our rooms are equipped with extensive amenities so you can stay comfortable and relaxed during your stay.


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